Engineered Structures

Our Engineered Structures segment serves a broad spectrum of infrastructure markets, including electricity transmission and distribution, wind power generation, highway road construction, wireless communication, and the storage and transportation of gas and liquid products for use in residential, commercial, agricultural, and industrial end markets.

Utility Structures

Meyer Utility Structures is an industry leader in the engineering design and fabrication of concrete, lattice, and tubular steel structures for transmission, distribution, and substation applications. With over sixty years of innovative engineering and manufacturing expertise, Meyer has helped to author and validate many of today’s transmission industry standards and specifications. Meyer Utility Structures is ISO 9001:2015 certified and AISC compliant, passing rigorous independently-conducted audits to ensure the highest level of quality, safety and efficiency in all business and manufacturing processes.

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Wind Towers

Arcosa Wind Towers is a leading manufacturer of structural wind towers in North America. Since 2000, we have partnered with industry leaders to advance America’s wind energy infrastructure with a focus on manufacturing excellence and providing superior value to our customers. Since its inception, Arcosa Wind Towers leveraged knowledge in the fabrication of tubular steel structures to set industry wide standards in the areas of safety, quality, delivery, and cost.​

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Telecom Structures

Arcosa Telecom Structures is an AISC certified fabricator of self-supporting towers, guyed towers, monopoles, tower modification packages, and miscellaneous structural tower components. To ensure the quickest cycle times in the industry and precise fit-up in the field, we detail 100% of all projects in house. Our team of AWS certified welders and inspectors, and industry experienced procurement staff, assure compliance to the most stringent engineering specifications. We are proud to be a trusted partner of all major carriers, tower owners, and industry leading contractors.

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Traffic Structures

Arcosa Traffic Structures is an AWS and AISC certified fabricator of overhead steel and aluminum sign structures, tolling gantry structures, mono tube sign and signal structures, signal mast arm poles, strain poles, high mast lighting poles, bridge mounts, multi-post beams, sign arms, and all types of miscellaneous steel fabrication. Arcosa Traffic Structures can provide engineer designed structures and state DOT specified designed structures to fit your project requirements.

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Storage Tanks

Arcosa Tank has been an innovative pioneer and leading North American manufacturer of steel pressure vessels since 1933. Arcosa Tank manufactures a full line of products including above and below ground domestic propane tanks for residential and commercial applications, large-scale storage tanks for energy containment and processing including field erected pressurized (ASME) and non-pressure (API) tanks, specialized anhydrous ammonia vessels for the agricultural market, and tank barrels for the truck and transport markets; under the Arcosa Tank, Arcosa Industries de Mexico, and TATSA brands.

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